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Cold bend testing machine

Used for bending and straightening steel reinforcing bars. Two types of test can be performed:

  • Bending the specimen through 90° and then straightening it again up to a minimum of 20°.
  • Bending through 180°.

The machine consists essentially of a hydraulic jack with cylindrical mandrel-stem, mounted horizontally within a strong steel frame which also carry two fixed reaction rollers. Two 50 and 100 mm dia. rollers are supplied with the machine. Mandrels and mandrel holders have to be ordered separately. Mandrels larger than 96 mm dia. do not need mandrel holders because they fit directly onto the stem.
ASTM specifications require 100 mm dia. rollers only and the bent up to 90°.


EN ISO 15630-1 | EN ISO 7438

EN 10080 | ASTM A615


  • 70-C0977
    Cold bend testing machine, 120 kN cap. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph


Mandrel holders

  • 70-C0977/61
    Mandrel holder for mandrels from 24 to 50 mm dia.
  • 70-C0977/62
    Mandrel holder for mandrels from 54 to 96 mm dia.

Dimension complète

1500x665x1050 mm

Gewicht ong.

210 kg


750 W

Course de piston max. allure

90 mm/min

EN ISO 15630-1 | EN ISO 7438 | EN 10080 | ASTM A615

Cold bend testing machine