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Jolting apparatus

  • Easy verification of compliance to standards: weight distribution, dimensions etc.
  • Rigid structure assuring stability and no distortion
  • High resolution graphical display 128x80 pixels and 6 keys membrane keyboard
  • Double test procedure: it is possible to set the target revolutions / drops or the total working time
  • Rapid mould lock and release system


EN 196-1

EN ISO 679


This machine, used to compact the 40x40x160 mm cement prisms in the mould, has been developed to fulfill precisely the EN and ISO standards. Each single requirement as, for example, weigh distribution, dimensions, structural design and working cycle is individually checked and verified. Prism moulds, feed hopper, scrapers and glass plate are not included and have to be ordered separately. See accessories.


  • 65-L0011
    Feed hopper to fit the three gang mould on the 65-L0012/E apparatus
  • 65-L0010/A1
    Pair of scrapers: small and large
  • 65-L0010/A2
    Glass plate 210x185x6 mm

EN 196-1 | EN ISO 679

Jolting apparatus