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Particle size analysis set: Pipette method

Used for determining the particle size distribution of very fine soils.
Basic items to perform the test are the 22-T0062/1 Andreasen pipette which is hold by the 22-T0062/2 Pipette stand for raising or lowering precisely the pipette to the required level without disturbing the suspension under test. The 22-T0062/3 sedimentation cylinder is submerged in the 22-T0058/A Constant temperature water bath.


  • 22-T0058/A, /AZ
    • Dimensions: 600x300x380 mm
    • Weight approx.: 10.5 kg
  • 22-T0062/2A
    • Weight approx.: 10 kg


BS 1377:2


  • 22-T0062/1
    Andreasen pipette 10 ml cap.
  • 22-T0062/2A
    Pipette stand with millimeter scale
  • 22-T0062/3
    Sedimentation cylinder 500 ml with rubber bung
  • 22-T0062/5
    Conical beaker 1000 ml
  • 22-T0058/A
    Constant temperature water bath. 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph

ASTM D422 | AASHTO T88 | UNE 103 -102

Particle size analysis set: Pipette method