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Plate testing apparatus

For determining the compaction rate of soil, admixture, roadbed or roadbed consisting of soil, sand or lime, a plate test is performed on site. The goal of a plate test is to measure the slump of a rigid plate with centric load. Because of the limited penetration depth, a plate test can only give information on the compaction of a limited soil thickness. Therefore, plate tests are applied generally in road construction, with landfills or for data acquisition for slab calibration.




The standard plate test device consists:

  • 1x dynamometric ring 20kN with analog dial gauge 0,001mm
  • 3x analog dial gauges 0,01mm
  • 1x dial gauge stand
  • 1x plate of 200 cm² with 3 adjustable keys
  • 1x hydraulic manual pump + cylinder + connection hose + support
  • 1x adjustable extension piece 170/250mm
  • 5x non-adjustable extension pieces
  • 2x wrenches
  • 1x can of oil
  • 3x transport rate
  • Main tube 3m (in tubes of 75cm/piece (4 in total)
  • Certificate of calibration included


  • 1x dynamometric ring 50kN with analog dial gauge 0,001mm
  • 1x platen 750cm²
  • 1x Westergaard-plate
  • Dynamometric ring 50 kN with dial gauge: LS8000-110
  • Pressure plate 750 cm²: LS8000-097
  • Westergaard-plate LS8000-021


Plate testing apparatus