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Essai à la plaque dynamique - Zorn

The dynamic plate testing apparatus is the way to determine the compaction of the soil in a fast and easy manner (Evd = dynamic deflection modulus Mn/m²). This allows drawing conclusions on the possible load capacity of the soil and in which way this soil is or isn't compacted appropriately if one looks at the different road bases. The test takes 2 minutes and no counterweight is necessary. It immediately indicates the deformation mode on a graphic display and the compaction rate. It is optionally possible to supply the plate testing device with a built-in GPS. This gives you the chance to show the different tests on a map (e.g. Google Maps)


The set comprises:

  • Set drop weights 10 kg and 15 kg
  • Load platen 300mm
  • Electronic measuring with data storage
  • SD-card and PC connection
  • Printing & software
  • Alu. case
  • Magnet stand
  • Transport case for 2 drop weights
  • Service panel

dynamisch plaatproeftoestel_HMP

Essai à la plaque dynamique - Zorn