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Sand equivalent test set EN 933-8 | ASTM D2419 | AASHTO T176

Sand equivalent test set

The two sets comprises: four measuring cylinders, two rubber stoppers, measuring can, irrigator tube, siphon assembly with bottle, weighted foot, funnel, graduated rule, 1 liter of stock solution (packed separately) and plastic carrying case. Each item can be ordered individually (see spare parts). All items are housed in the plastic carrying case except the Siphon assembly with Stock solution bottle which are packed separately.
The two sets are identical except for the four measuring cylinders which are totally graduated in the ASTM/AASHTO version and for the weighted foot which is slightly different.
For a reliable test result we recommend the use of a mechanical shaker. See Sand equivalent shakers.

  • Case dimension: 500x400x130 mm
  • Total weight approx.: 7 kg


EN 933-8

ASTM D2419


  • 47-T0050/B
    Sand equivalent test set conforming to EN 933-8
  • 47-T0050/C
    Sand equivalent test set conforming to ASTM D2419 and AASHTO T176



  • 47-T0050/7B
    Sand equivalent stock solution, 125 cc bottle. Pack of 20.
  • 47-T0050/8
    Clamp stand set. Holds siphon assembly in place during the test.
    Sand equivalent shakers

Spare parts

  • 47-T0050/1A
    Measuring cylinders, EN
  • 47-T0050/1C
    Measuring cylinders, ASTM/AASHTO
  • 47-T0050/2
    Rubber stopper
  • 47-T0050/3
    Measuring can
  • 47-T0050/4
    Siphon assembly composed by siphon tube (curved), short tube, washing tube with pierced tip, rubber tube, perforated rubber bung and Mohr type metal sleeve
  • 47-T0050/6
    Weighted foot ASTM/AASHTO
  • 47-T0050/61
    Weighted foot EN
  • 47-T0050/7
    Sand equivalent stock solution, 1 l bottle
  • 86-D1546
  • 35-T0130/2
    Plastic sand jar 5 l
  • 82-D1694
    Graduated rule, 500 mm

EN 933-8 | ASTM D2419 | AASHTO T176

Sand equivalent test set