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Böhme abrasion wheel tester


  • Easy setting of test speed and number of cycles
  • Fast sequence selection option
  • Counter and test status always displayed
  • Simple use
  • Compact design
  • Memory option
  • Emergency shut off button included


EN 1338 | EN 1339

EN 1340 | EN 14157

EN 13892-3 | EN 13748

DIN 52108


The disc abrader conforming to Böhme method consists of a rotating wheel made of cast iron, 750 mm dia., with a defined test track to receive the abrasive material (white corundum sand) and a no-vibration specimen holder with a two arms lever loading device.
The test speciment is clamped with an holder and submitted to a test force of 294 +/-3 N. After the abrasive is strew on the disc, the disc starts to rotate with a constant speed for a certain number of cycles (according to Standards).
At the end of the test the abrasion effect is measured as the loss in specimen thickness or volume.

This machine is used for testing of:

  • natural stones (EN 14157)
  • concrete paving blocks (EN 1338), flags (EN 1339) and kerbs (EN 1340)
  • screed materials (EN 13892-3)
  • terrazzo tiles (EN 13748-2)

(Testing specimens in wet or water-saturated conditions is not feasible).
The machine is equipped with a display control panel that allows the setting of speed and number of cycles. Once the machine is started, it will automatically stop at the end of the set number of cycles programmed on the controls panel.
White carborundum abrasive sand and measuring device of sample thickness reduction have to be ordered separately.
The measuring device, basically a 0.01mm resolution dial gauge mounted on a reference base, allows to measure the sample thickness in 9 points as defined as alternative abrasion measurement method in EN 13892-3 and DIN 52108. Volumetric method is valid for all the standards.


  • 48-D5272
    Böhme Abrasion Tester for testing concrete paving stones, concrete slabs, concrete kerb stones, natural stone, paving stones and natural stone slabs, according to DIN 52108, EN 1338, EN 1339, EN 1340, EN 13892-3, EN 14157 and EN 13748. 230V, 50-60Hz, 1ph.


  • 48-D0471/1
    Abrasive white corundum sand 80 grade. Pack of 25 kg. (1 bag required)
  • 48-D5270/1
    Measuring device of sample thickness reduction

EN 1338 | EN 1339 | EN 1340 | EN 14157 | EN 13892-3 | EN 13748 | DIN 52108

Böhme abrasion wheel tester