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Micro-deval testing machine

  • Complete with four Stainless steel jars 200 mm dia.x154 mm length
  • Suitable for rolling two 200 mm dia.x400 mm long cylinders
  • Enclosed in soundproof and safety protection conforming to CE requirements
  • High resolution graphical display 128x80 pixels and 6 keys membrane keyboard
  • 8 languages can be set: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Cesky
  • Double test procedure: it is possible to set the target revolutions / drops or the total working time


EN 1097-1

EN 13450


This machine is used to determine the resistance to wear of aggregates. The machine consists of a steel frame suitable to house four 200 mm dia.x 154 mm length cylinders (EN 1097-1) or two 200 mm dia.x 400 mm length cylinders (EN 13450). The top machine is enclosed in a sound proof and safety cabinet conforming to CE requirement and stops automatically when the cover is open. The machine is equipped with an automatic counter, which can be preset to the required number of revolutions of the drum or the total working time. The four standard cylinders 200 mm dia.x 154 mm length are included. The 400 mm long cylinders and steel spheres are not included and have to be ordered separately. See accessories.


  • 48-D5242/G
    Micro-Deval testing machine with soundproof and safety cover conforming to CE requirements. Complete with four stainless steel cylinders 200 mm dia.x 154 mm long. Steel spheres not included. See accessories. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph.


Accessories to EN 1097-1

  • 48-D0524/7
    Stainless steel spheres 10 mm dia. Pack of 20 kg

Accessories to EN 13450

  • 48-D524/8
    Stainless steel cylinders 200 mm dia.x 400 mm length.
    Note: Abrasive charge (steel spheres) not required.

Accessories to NF P 18-576

  • 48-D0524/1
    Steel spheres 30 mm dia. Pack of 10.
  • 48-D0524
    Steel spheres 18 mm dia. Pack of 50.

Spare parts

  • 48-D0524/4
    Stainless steel cylinder 200 mm dia.x154 mm length.


1100 W

Overall dimensions (lxbxh)

1070x470x1025 mm

EN 1097-1 | EN 13450

Micro-deval testing machine