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Flow cone apparatus EN 445

Flow cone apparatus

Used for determining the flow properties of mortars, grouts, muds and many other type of fluid materials. The apparatus comprises a metal stand supporting the stainless steel cone having inside dimensions of 150 mm inside upper dia. x 280 mm height. When fit with the 10 mm nozzle the total height is 350 mm. The apparatus, as prescribed by EN 445, is supplied complete with 150 mm dia. sieve 1.5 mm opening, 10 mm dia. nozzle with fitting bush and 1 liter cap. cup. It can also be fit with other nozzles 8, 9, 11, and 13 mm int. dia. See accessories


EN 445


  • 65-L0055/A
    Flow cone apparatus with sieve and 10 mm nozzle



  • 64-L0055/2
    Nozzle, 8 mm inside dia.
  • 64-L0055/3
    Nozzle, 9 mm inside dia.
  • 64-L0055/5
    Nozzle, 11 mm inside dia.
  • 64-L0055/6
    Nozzle, 13 mm inside dia.

Spare parts

  • 64-L0055/1
    Stainless steel cone with collar for nozzle
  • 64-L0055/4
    Nozzle, 10 mm inside dia.
  • 64-L0055/7
    Stainless steel sieve, 150 mm dia, 1.5 mm opening

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10 kg

EN 445

Flow cone apparatus