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Digital shear testing machine with data acquisition


  • Microprocessor controlled drive system
  • Large 240x120 pixel display
  • Test speed, travel and cycles (up to 9) programmable by the keyboard
  • Rapid approach and automatic positioning
  • Infinitely variable speed from 0.0001 to 11.00000 mm/min
  • Possibility to set different speed and travel (forward and reverse) in the residual shear test
  • Three analog channels: one for load cell, and two for displacement transducers, 130000 points resolution
  • Different protocol of data downloading to PC through RS 232 serial port
  • Standed load ring and dial gauges also usable for manual recording


ASTM D3080 | AASHTO T236 | BS 1377:7

CEN-ISO/TS 17892-10 | NF P94-071


This test cover the determination of the consolidated drained shear strength of a soil material in direct shear. The AUTOSHEAR machine is controlled by a microprocessor system which reads and processes horizontal force and displacement readings, manages the motor and the safety controls through closed loop system assuring the following important features:

  • Automatic test running
  • Test speed closed loop control
  • Large monochromatic graphic display, 240x128 pixel to view data recording in real time
  • Different calibration functions (linear and polynomial)
  • Language selection
  • Travel and cycles programmable by 10 button membrane keyboard with 4 interactive specific icons
  • Continuous monitoring and display of horizontal force, vertical and horizontal displacement
  • Maximum horizontal displacement (20 mm) controlled by mechanical and optical safety switch
  • Different recording modes: linear, exponential (square root), logarithmic, ecc.
  • High capacity data memory (uo to 1000 lines of data)
  • RAM memory with battery back-up with clock/calendar, operating also when the unit is switched off.

The microprocessor control system, therefore, allows the machine to work as an automatic stand-alone unit: the test measurements (force and displacements) are directly displayed and stored in memory according to pre-set recording modes. The PC is only temporary required to download the test data via the RS 232 port once the test is completed. The data can be processed by the Direct and residual shear Geo-Analysis templates. See accessories.

The design of the horizontal loading system provides straight-rigid alignment of loading ram, shear box and loading measurement system, to increase the stiffness of transmission of the horizontal force along the shearing plane. Excellent quality and high resistance techno-polymeric material has been adopted for the carriage of the shear box. It offers excellent resistance to corrosion, wear and tear and it is resistant to all chemical found in a soil specimen.


The carriage is light weight and easy to clean.
The machine is supplied without load cell, transducer for horizontal and vertical displacement, Shear box assembly and weights. All these items have to be ordered separately. See accessories. The machine can also be fit with mechanical (analogical) measurement system. Other versions of Shear testing machines available: Digital shear testing machine , Automatic shear testing machine, Large shear testing machine for 300x300 mm square samples, Bromhead ring shear apparatus.


  • 27-WF2160
    ​Autoshear, direct/residual shear machine, digital speed control and data acquisition system. 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph


Accessories to fit the machine in the electronic mode

  • 27-WF0377/ST
    Load cell, 5 kN cap. complete with adapters
  • 30-WF6207
    Linear potentiometric transducer, 10 mm travel for vertical deformation, complete with mounting block
  • 30-WF6208
    Linear potentiometric transducer, 25 mm travel for horizontal displacement, complete with mounting block
  • 30-WF6042
    Transducer extension cable, 6 m length
  • 30-WF6044
    Transducer extension cable, 12 m length
  • 30-WF6016/T2
    Direct and residual shear Geo-Analysis template conforming to BS 1377:7, or as alternative:
    30-WF6016/T9 Direct and residual shear Geo-Analysis template conforming to ASTM D3080​

Accessories to fit the machine in the analogical (mechanical) mode

  • 27-WF1002/ST
    Load ring 2000 N cap. with adapter
    Or, as alternative:
  • 27-WF1003/ST
    Load ring 5000 N cap. with adapter
  • 30-WF6401
    Dial gauge for vertical deformation, 10x0.002 mm
  • 30-WF6402
    Dial gauge for horizontal displacement, 30x0.01 mm

ASTM D3080 | AASHTO T236 | BS 1377:7 | CEN-ISO/TS 17892-10 | NF P94-071

Digital shear testing machine with data acquisition