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Air Entrainment Meter EN 12350-7 | ASTM C231 | BS 1881 | GOST 10181

Air Entrainment Meter

Air entrainment meter 8 litre volume for determining the total air content in concrete

Two versions

  • Device with robust hand pump for operation independent of air supply system.
  • Device with mini electrical compressor for fast and uniform generation of pressure.
  • 230V, 50 Hz



EN 12350-7


BS 1881

GOST 10181


The equipment operates according to the pressure equalization method. The test equipment has a pressure chamber, in which a defined pressure is generated. By opening an overflow valve, the pressure in the chamber is equalized with the pressure in the sample container, which is filled with concrete. The pressure drop is a measurement of the air content in the concrete. The pressure gauge is accuracy class 1.0 ad is very clearly arranged.


  • Filling ring
    8 litre TESTING
  • Filling ring
    8 litre Type 7302
  • Transport container
    8 litre TESTING
  • Transport container
    8 litre Type 7302

technical specifications

  • Pushbuttons for simple performance of the test.
  • Mechanical valve for secure and reliable sealing off between the pressure chamber and the test container.
  • Pressure gauge integrated in the top of the equipment.
  • Quick-release fasteners between the container and cover.
  • Low weight, therefore easy to handle.
  • Easy to service design, easy customer service.

EN 12350-7 | ASTM C231 | BS 1881 | GOST 10181

Air Entrainment Meter