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Electromechanical, triple motion, sieve shaker

  • Vertical two way jarring action
  • Orbital action
  • Quick release clamps
  • Positive and efficient sieving motion
  • Sieve timer​


EN 932-5


This shaker features a unique combination of jarring and orbital action allowing the most positive sieving and grading. Upper and lower crosshead are adjustable to receive and firmly lock the different sizes of sieves. Includes a 30 minutes timer and a continuous-stop-timer operation switch. It can be completed with Noise reduction cabinet and Wet sieving accessories. See accessories.


  • 15-D0411
    Electromechanical, triple motion, sieve shaker. 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1 ph.



  • 15-D0400/CAB
    Noise reduction cabinet suitable for sieve shaker models 15-D0411 and 15-D0407/B. Ideal for use in laboratory and essential to fulfill CE prescription. The cabinet is manufactured from sheet steel and lined internally with soundproofing material.
    • Overall dimensions: 770x722x1415 mm
    • Weight approx.: 60 kg

Wet sieving attachments

Cover combining the locking plate and spry nozzle. Stainless steel pan with spout drainage plate. Location plate. Complete with 10 watertight seals (O rings). Three models available:

  • 15-D0400/A1
    Wet sieving attachment for 200 mm dia. sieves. Weight 2.5 kg
  • 15-D0400/A2
    Wet sieving attachment for 203 mm (8”)dia. sieves. Weight 2.5 kg approx.
  • 15-D0400/A3
    Wet sieving attachment for 300 mm dia. sieves. Weight 5 kg approx.

Gewicht ong.

75 kg

van 1500 tot 4500 g afhankelijk van de zeefgrootte

Overall dimensions (lxbxh)

540x372x1013 mm

Orbital action

327 oscillations per min. approx.

Jarring action

40 vertical blows per minute

Power 250 W

250 W

EN 932-5

Electromechanical, triple motion, sieve shaker