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Cohesion tester ASTM D3910 | EN 12274-4

Cohesion tester

For determining the proper consistency (mix design) for a slurry seal mixture. Pneumatically operated, it consists of a double acting, double end-rod pneumatic cylinder fit in a frame, which houses the pressure gauge and valves. A hand torque tester is also supplied. The tester has to be completed with the suitable Square mould. See accessories.


  • Weight approx.: 20 kg 


ASTM D3910

EN 12274-4


  • 80-B0193
    Cohesion tester


Square moulds with four trunk conical holes to prepare the sample for testing


  • 80-B0193/10
    Square mould 140x140x6.3 mm
  • 80-B0193/11
    Square mould 140x140x10 mm
  • 80-B0193/12
    Square mould 140x140x13 mm
  • 80-B0193/13
    Square mould 140x140x19 mm

Air compressor


  • 86-D2015
    Laboratory air compressor. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph

ASTM D3910 | EN 12274-4

Cohesion tester