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Automatic impact (Marshall) compactor, EN

  • Automatic control
  • Complete protection for operator safety to CE prescriptions
  • High resolution graphical display 128x80 pixels and 6 keys membrane keyboard
  • Improved rammer lifting device, constant height fall, modern and reliable design
  • User friendly rammer replacement system
  • Noise reduction and security cabinet available on request.


EN 12697-10

EN 12697-30


The apparatus automatically compacts the sample and stops after the preset number of blows. The mould is held in position by a quick and practical clamping device. The trip mechanism is arranged so that the sliding hammer falls at the same distance for every blow. The compactor includes the laminate hardwood block and vibrated concrete base 450x450x200 mm. All moving parts are protected with safety guard, which stops automatically the compactor when opened, and the control panel is fit with an emergency stop red button, all conforming to CE prescriptions. The compactor can be factory installed inside the 76-B4000/CB Noise reduction and CE security cabinet. See accessories.


  • 76-B4432
    Marshall impact automatic compactor for 101.6 mm dia. specimens. Conforming to EN Std. 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 ph


  • 76-B4000/CB
    Noise reduction cabinet for automatic Marshall ASTM and EN compactors


The Marshall automatic compactors can be factory installed inside the cabinet which provides either the sound isolation (less than 78 dB) or operator safety conforming CE prescriptions, as the machine stops automatically opening the door. 
The cabinet is delivered disassembled with instructions for the easy laboratory fitting.

  • Dimensions: 850x670x2200 mm approx
  • Weight approx.: 130 kg

Accessories EN 12697-30

  • 76-B0042/1
    Steel block 100 mm dia. 50 mm high. For the initial heating of the compaction hammer.
  • 76-B0043/4
    Storage plate with six 100 mm dia. discs. To cool the specimens in air.
  • 16-T0080
    Universal specimen extruder. For removing 101.6 and 152.4 mm (4” and 6”) specimens

Rated power

800 W

Gewicht ong.

270 kg

Overall dimensions (lxbxh)

540x556x2066 mm

Blows frequency

50 blows in 55/60 s

Sliding mass weight

4535 ± 15 g

Total hammer weight

7850 ± 50 g

Free fall height

457± 3 mm

Laminated harwood block

200x200x450 mm, density 670 to 780 kg/m3

Concrete base (included)

450x450x200 mm

EN 12697-10 | EN 12697-30

Automatic impact (Marshall) compactor, EN